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Feature of Okayama

The city possesses an enormous number of historical sites and scenic views.

In terms of number of historical sites, scenic spots, and natural monuments, Okayama ranks tenth in Japan (70 sites out of 2,893 throughout Japan).

Total Area Breakdown
(Forest Region)
Japan: 67.0%, Okayama: 68.1 %
Total Area Breakdown
(Agricultural Region)
Japan: 13.1%, Okayama: 10.3 %
Total Area Breakdown
Japan: 19.9%, Okayama: 21.6 %
Total Population 1,957,264 people (ranked 21st; Japan: 127,767,994 -2005)
Households 732,346 households (ranked 17th; Japan: 49,566,305 -2005)
Population Density 275 people (ranked 24th; national average: 343 -2005)
Ratio of Senior Citizens 22.4% (ranked 24th; national average: 20.1 % -2005)
Workforce Agriculture, fishery and forestry 6.4%, industry 29.2%, and services 62.9%
(Japan: Agriculture, fishery and forestry 4.8%, industry 26.1%, and services 67.2% -2005)

Road Conditions

Highway extension (length of national highways per 1,000 Square kilometers)
Ranked 5th in Japan (national average: 20 Kilometers per 1,000 Square kilometers; Okayama: 41 Kilometers per 1000 Square kilometers).

Total area

7,112.73 Square kilometers (2005), forming 1.9% of Japan and ranked 17th of Japan's 47 prefectures.

Geographic Features

The northern region consists of the Chugoku Mountains and basin, the central region of the Kibi Plateau and hilly areas, and the southern region of spreading plains.
The Northern Region is blessed with the mountains and hot springs, and the southern region is blessed with a calm sea and many beautiful islands that compose the stunning scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.

Okayama Prefecture has many days of sunshine

  • The number of days with precipitation below 1 mm is 280 days a year. Ranked 1st in 1997.
  • Total hours of sunlight in a year: 1,894 hours, ranked ninth in Japan in 1998.
  • Number of days of total sunshine: 38 days, ranked seventh in Japan in 1998 Total precipitation: 1,261 mm, ranked third least in Japan in 1998.
  • In the Chugoku-Shikoku region, Okayama has the least amount of precipitation, third most days of total sunshine and third most total hours of sunlight.


Okayama City
Address:1-1-1Daiku Kita-ku Okayama-shi Okayama 700-8544[map