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Okayama City Council(3)


Committees are established as organs for preliminary deliberation. These consist of Standing Committees and the Council Steering Committee, in addition to various Special Committees established as the need arises. Committee members serve for two years.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are established for the efficient examination of bills, petitions, and appeals. Council members are allocated to committees according to their specialties. The Okayama City Council has six standing committees, and each member of the council is required to be a member of one.

Standing Committee
General Affairs  9(Number of members)
Health & Welfare  9
Environment, Firefighting & Water Service  9
Economics  9
Construction  9
Education  9

Special Committees

The Council Steering Committee coordinates between the political parties and makes decisions regarding City Council administration to ensure its smooth operation. It also examines and investigates local laws, petitions and appeals concerning the City Council. Special Committees are established in order to investigate specific agendas. They are set up at the request of the City Council. Currently the Okayama City Council has five Special Committees. Special Committees are also established to examine the annual settlement of accounts.

Special Committee
Government-Designated City  13(Number of members)
Administrative and Budgetary Questions  12
Urban Development  12
Vitalization of Local Communities  12
Construction  12
Council Steering Committee  9

Observation of Plenary Sessions

Members of the public may observe plenary sessions. If you would like to observe a session, please ask for a ticket at the reception desk located on the ground floor of City Council Hall. Tickets are distributed in the order of arrival. You can watch the proceedings of conferences of all members on live closed-circuit TV at the City Hall and Okayama Health and Welfare Hall. There are no application procedures for CATV viewing, and reservations are not required.


Chair  850,000 yen
Vice-chair  700,000 yen
Councilors  710,000 yen


Okayama City
Address:1-1-1Daiku Kita-ku Okayama-shi Okayama 700-8544[map