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Okayama City Council(2)

Political Parties and Groups

Members of the City Council who hold similar views or advocate similar policies often join together in political parties or groups. The time allocated for speechmaking in plenary sessions is decided based on the ratio of the number of members of the political party or group to the total membership of the council. Okayama City Council has six political parties as of February 2008.

Group Name
Shinpu(Fresh Wind)  12
Seiryu (Pure Current)  9
Komeito Party Okayama City  10
Yuuai (Friendship)  9
Citizen Net  7
Japan Communist Party Okayama City  5

Summoning of the Council

The City Council holds periodic regular assemblies, in addition to extraordinary assemblies that are held as the need arises. Regular assemblies are held in February, June, September and December each year.
The City Council is summoned by the Mayor, who must summon an extraordinary meeting if requested to do so by either the chair or more than one quarter of the Council members.

Plenary Sessions

The entire membership of the Council gathers during plenary sessions. It is here that the Council expresses opinions and makes final decisions on motions that have been presented.

Questioning by representatives of political parties and groups is usually conducted in February and November. Questioning by individual Council members is conducted in February, June, September, and November.

Number of times

Three times

Question time

Representatives of political parties or groups consisting of more than five councilors may ask questions for up to 60 minutes. Representatives of political parties or groups consisting of less than five councilors may ask questions for up to 40 minutes. Individual Council members may ask questions for up to 30 minutes. Approximately 30 Council members ask questions of the mayor during each plenary session.


Okayama City
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