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Replacement of the Certificate

Certificates of Foreign Resident Registration need to be replaced if they are severely damaged ; if you change (or correct) your name, date of birth, nationality, or sex ; or if there is not enough room to record changes.

Documents Required
  • Certificate of Alien Registration
  • Passport
  • Two recent,identical 3.5cm(width) X 4.5cm(height)photos (full frontal view without hat) from the same negative.

Photos are not required of those 15 years of age or under.


The applicant has to be in person.

For those 15 years of age or under, a close family member or someone living in the same household is required to report on his or her behalf.

Where to Register

You can apply for foreign residents registration and related services at your local ward office or any branch office located in the ward where you reside.


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