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Strong Wind.Flooding Damage Control Strategies

Information-gathering: key to strong wind/flood damage control

The size and timing of typhoons and heavy rainstorms can be predicted to some extent. Check the weather report regularly, and stay on top of the latest television/Internet reports where caution is required.

A weather advisory is issued where there is a danger of a disaster situation occurring. A warning is issued where there is a danger of a serious disaster.


Because of the danger involved in taking action in heavy rain or wind, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions before the typhoon gets close to your area.

Torrential Rainfall

"Torrential rainfall" refers to the phenomenon of heavy rain in a narrow geographical area over a short period of time. Because prediction of torrential rainfall is difficult, and conditions can change dramatically very quickly, take shelter as soon as you sense something even slightly out of the ordinary or dangerous.

What you can do on a day-to-day basis

Houses should be protected from winds and flooding. Since it is dangerous to take action in the middle of heavy wind and rain, be prepared ahead of time: check your surroundings on a day-to-day basis, and consult with a specialist on things that you cannot take care of yourself.

Points to check in your home


  • Immediately fix cracks in roofing tile or tin materials
  • Fix the antenna firmly in place.


  • Do no place items on the balcony that may blow away in strong wind.

Window glass

  • Check for cracks or other damage, as well as rattling.


  • Check that the parts of the pipes fit together properly and make sure the paint is not peeling.
  • Remove dust, leaves, etc., so that there is no accumulation.


  • Check that shutters do not rattle.


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