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What to do if there is a risk of danger

  • Indoors
    Keep in mind the danger of flooding under and above the floorboards. Move furniture and valuable items to the second floor.
  • On the beach
    There is the danger of falling into the ocean or being caught up in high tides or tall waves. Move to high ground as soon as possible.
  • Near a river
    Do not approach the river due to the danger of sudden river swelling or landslide. Take shelter as quickly as possible.

Evacuating in the event of strong winds/flooding

Wear safety items and clothes that are easy to move in

Protect your head with a helmet and hood. Wear exercise shoes. Avoid going barefoot or wearing long boots.

Check the water depth

In general, men can walk through water of up to 70 cm in height, while women can walk through up to 50 cm of water. However, if the water is moving quickly, care must be taken even at shallower depths.

Alert your neighbors and evacuate in groups

Do not move alone. Use a rope to tie yourselves together to avoid separation.

Be careful where you step

Be aware of the dangers of manholes, ditches, etc. Use a long stick to poke around ahead of you.

Make sure that you understand information on evacuation accurately


Okayama City has designated public elementary and junior high school gymnasiums, etc., as evacuation areas. Get ready to move to the designated evacuation area when you hear an evacuation announcement.

When instructions to prepare for evacuation are issued

At this time, people in need of assistance who require extra time to evacuate (such as elderly persons and people with disabilities), should begin preparations to evacuate. Assisting parties should also begin the necessary preparations.

When an evacuation announcement is issued

Residents of the affected area should begin to move to the evacuation areas.

When evacuation instructions are issued

Residents who have not yet evacuated or who are in the process of evacuating should proceed immediately to the evacuation area. If you are unable to evacuate, move to the upper floors of a building or take other basic measures to protect yourself.


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