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Checking on the Safety of Family Members with the Emergency Messaging Service

Using the disaster messaging service(call 171)

For emergency situations such earthquakes of intensity of just under six or higher, i.e. where a high volume of callers checking on family members in the affected area is expected, NTT offers an emergency messaging service. Use of the service does not require pre-registration, and details will be announced on television and in other media in the event of a disaster.

To record a message

  • Press 1
  • ooo-ooo-oooo
    Persons in the affected area enter their own telephone number, while those outside the area enter the number of their party in the affected area, starting with the area code.
  • Record a message

To replay message

  • Press 2
  • ooo-ooo-oooo
  • Listen to a message

Using the emergency messaging service for mobile phones

Mobile telephone companies offer emergency messaging services in the event of major disasters. Users in affected areas can leave a message regarding their situation. This information is made available to users of mobile phones (subscribers of both the same and other mobile phone companies), and to PHS and PC users.

Access the "Emergency Messaging Service" from the top menu of each of the mobile phone companies

To leave a message

Choose "Leave a Message" and then input text

To access a message

Choose "Access" and enter the mobile telephone number of the person you want to reach in the affected area.


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