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Seal Registration

In Japan, a personal seal (hanko or inkan) is considered to be equal importance to your signature . A registered seal is indispensable for important documents which concern one's legal rights such as contracts for buying and selling cars, real estate contracts, financial loans and so on. A seal registration certificate is required for these transactions. You can receive a Seal Registration Notebook/Card after registering your seal at the city office. Whenever you need a seal registration certificate issued by the City of Okayama, please bring your Seal Registration Notebook/Card with you.


  • A personal seals can be registered by Japanese citizens as well as those who have registered
    as a foreigner living in Okayama City.
  • You have to be 15 years of age or older.
  • One seal per person can be registered.

The following seals are not acceptable for registration

  • A seal whose letters are not congruent with your Certificate of Foreign Resident
  • A seal made of alterable material such as rubber.
  • A seal, the outline of which is smaller than 7mmX7mm or is larger than 25mmX25mm.
  • A chipped seal
  • A seal with an illegible imprint.

Please bring your seal and Certificate of Alien Registration. Registration can be completed on the same day you apply for registering your seal. In case of the registration by a proxy (dairinin), you may contact the Seal Registration Subdivision of Okayama City (Siminka Sakusei Daiichigakari) for details.

Application for the Certificate of Seal Registration

You or your proxy have to present the ID (Certificate of Alien Registration etc.) and the Seal Registration Notebook/Card (or seal registration card) at the counter 5 in KITA Ward office, or at other Ward offices and branch offices.

Handling Fees

  • 200yen per Notebook/Card
  • 300yen per certificate


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